January Bride

January Flowers for all you January Brides by Charley Gynn

We all feel like January is bleak and miserable, cold and damp and to be honest, we’re right but when it comes to flowers, we couldn't be further from the truth.  January is fabulous for all those spring flowers starting to make an appearance.  beautiful soft peach Ranunculus, white Narcissi, the petite yellow tete e tete, heavenly scented Hyacinths, Tulips start making an appearance, snowdrops, muscari and my all time favourite, Hellebores are still going string from Christmas.  Not only do you have all these little delicately scented gems but you have so many different foliage textures that you can mix it all with.  January has it all.  If you're getting married in January, its been my dream to do an all one flower wedding.  Imaging long banquet tables full of mixed colour hyacinths in blues, pinks and peaches, or big bundles of bright yellow daffodils spilling out of beautiful ceramic jugs.  Something like this would have such an impact for your guests, not only visually but the smell would be amazing.  Even better, spring flowers tend to be cheaper so you could really go for it even with a smaller budget.